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Breville -900/-920 leaky ball valve fix (and it's easy)

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  • Breville -900/-920 leaky ball valve fix (and it's easy)

    Turns out the valve is rebuildable/resealable.

    More than you will ever need to know right here:

    I am the OP from the thread above, so if you have questions it doesn't answer, ask here and I'll try.


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    Brilliant work, love seeing these machines repaired at home, although not sure this looks like an easy fix... Thanks for documenting the process as well.

    So was it the o-rings inside the valve that were causing the leak? Would be great to document the new parts required with amazon links if you still have them.
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      The main culprit in leaky ball valves is the PTFE washers on either side of the ball. PTFE cold flows and no longer sits tight against the ball. But you can take advantage of this property by taking apart the valve and flipping over the PTFE washers, the same way you flip over a mattress that is sinking too much on one side. There are no o-rings in the main body of the valve. The PTFE washers I measured at 1 cm outer diameter x 2mm thickness x 5 or 6 mm inner diameter. But before rushing out to buy new PTFE washers, I would just flip over the ones that are in there and keep using them.

      The bit about the o-ring is for the stem that turns the ball. That has an o-ring to keep steam from escaping through the handle. There is history of those leaking, but not commonly. I changed the o-ring anyway, since they are cheap and I already had it apart. The o-ring is size # -008.

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        Great work! [emoji106]

        Double the life of the valve with an easy fix and just as easy fix next time with some new Teflon washers.