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    Hey guys!

    Just after a bit of advice.

    Am building a new house and thought I'd get a coffee machine to go with it.

    Have a Phillips Saeco fully automatic machine that has just died and after a bit (lots) of arguing with the wife, have decided NOT to go for a fully integrated miele coffee machine. The Phillips produced an excellent cup of coffee in my experience....if you're comparing to the Nescafe Blend 43. =)

    Only got it because the wife wanted to wake up and press one button for a crap cup of coffee. -.- No matter what we did, fresh beans from roasters etc, it didn't make an iota of difference.

    SO, instead of getting another automatic coffee machine, I was planning to get a standard VBM 1961 Lollo single group head with a Anfim Super Caimano on demand grinder as a compromise - wife doesn't want a fully manual machine.

    Have you guys got any suggestions/opinions on the above? Has anyone ever used it?

    This is the link: VBM | As once and never before.
    I've managed to locate a SINGLE group head one (most are either two or three group heads) which can be used at home.