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PID Silvia - is steam control worth the extra $$?

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  • PID Silvia - is steam control worth the extra $$?

    Hi all,

    I’ve had my V5 Silvia for about a year and am still impressed with the results I’m getting however I believe there is an improvement to be had with a PID as temp surfing has its imits and I do get some inconsistent shots. Looking at Auber kits through Jetblack but can’t find any info,on whether the steam control version is worth the extra dollars. The steam on the Silvia is pretty good IMO and I find I can control it with the knob, what does the PID do for steaming?

    I have searched, but couldn’t find any information or discussion on this particular issue.

    Any advice appreciated.


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    G'day Andrew...

    PID control of Steam is definitely worth it if you make more milk based coffees than black ones.
    The PID Controller maintains the water temperature within a much tighter band and this results in loads of hot, dry steam volume without the inherent 'overshoot' of the typical t/stat which can allow the water temperature to reach as high 140C+. Not really a good thing...

    Whether you want to spend the extra dollars and have this feature a selectable option from the front panel or simply by raising the PID Setpoint to 125-130C is more related to convenience than performance.



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      Hi Mal,

      thanks for for the reply, I do drink a flat white on a restretto (or aim to) so yes it sounds like it might be worth the investment.