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Newbie and question: Breville Infuser vs Bezzera B07

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  • Newbie and question: Breville Infuser vs Bezzera B07

    Have been reading up and following coffeesnobs last couple of weeks.

    Looking for a semi auto machine to do espresso and long blacks, and the milky coffee on weekends for self and visitors (no more than 4 in a row)

    I have invested a bit more in a grinder and purchased a Eureka Atom both because of quality grind but also it’s whiteness as have a baby coming along. I will get my beans from a local toaster.

    I am considering the Breville Infuser because of its features for the money. Sounds like a good entry machine and I am fine if it dies in a few years particularly if I can get machine + extended 2 years replacement warranty for <$500.

    if I was to up my budget it would be the Bezzera B07. HX boiler is a great feature for brewing and frothing whilst maintaining a compact footprint compared to a dual boiler machine.

    I am very much leaning towards the Breville Infuser. Other than HX boiler, potential longevity, a bit more Stainless Steel, and Italian flair; is there anything else materially different and better with the B07? I note also the PID on the B07 can be set to 1 degree