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Jura Ena Micro 1 Brew group adjustment

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  • Jura Ena Micro 1 Brew group adjustment

    Hi All

    I have a Jura Ena Micro 1 that seems to over travel in the brew group now after a seal change . Does anyone know how to adjust the brew group after reinstall. I have read the Instruction manual . Is it possible to get a service manual for this machine ? Any help would be great.


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    Maybe it needs a spacer above the new seal you fitted. Thin cardboard is suggested, cut to size..


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      This is a super automatic machine, so ignore my above post.
      They are a different setup, but they sound similar to a delonghi arrangement. The group travel is not adjustable, and the group does over travel in order to tamp the grinds. If you feel the group overtravels, maybe it needs a bigger grind dose.
      This is the biggest problem I see with a super automatic. It's difficult to increase the dose. And complex to get a correct setting by combining dose and grind settings and water ratios. And just when you get it, someone changes settings, or new beans are used...
      Also, almost 1 dose of grinds stored and staling inside the grinder chute..


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        You don't adjust them. You either assemble it correctly or incorrectly.

        Generally on the jura brew units, if it's jamming or not travelling properly, check that the rotary encoder is properly attached to the brew unit motor. Then, check the lower chamber and outer gear holder for the lower chamber as they can be around the wrong way after assembly.

        If you google "jura brew unit assembly" there's many pictorial guides. Compare yours to them and see what's different.