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Help with Senbeam 6910 - water just pours out!

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  • Help with Senbeam 6910 - water just pours out!

    Good Morning,

    I'm hoping the accumulated knowledge of coffee snobs can come to my rescue here!I have a Sunbeam 6910, which, as of a few days ago had a lingering scent of lightly burnt electrics, and now just pours water straight out as soon as it has been turned on at the power point. No lights come on and the buttons feel responsive, ie not sticking. I am assuming a solenoid has burnt out, but I have no idea how extensive/expensive the repair process might be. Any thoughts?


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    Water pours out where?

    Sounds like it may have been leaking over the main board, and blown the pump triac...


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      Basically, the pump activates the moment power is connected. water come out from it's normal outlet without the the system warming up or any buttons being pressed.


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        Still sounds like the board.

        My mate was filling the tank and overfilled it. Water went everywhere. That was enough to fry the board.
        A leaky fitting inside pump will do it too


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          Sounds like it's time for a new one then? Wasn't sure if this was something common or not.


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            There may be someone on here that will sell you a board...or it maybe repairable.
            Depends how much you love your machine. Or how much you want a new one.
            You may be able to get a few $ for parts (enough to cover post) from your machine, but only if you are interested in seeing some of it get reused rather than just landfill.
            Or is a pay it forward section that may get someone to take it..

            The 6910 has a devoted following on here, and I find it a great little machine..