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First manual coffee machine; Help required

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  • First manual coffee machine; Help required

    Hi all. I am looking at getting my first manual coffee machine, I have worked in a cafe before so have some experience and understanding of what I am getting into. What I really can't decide is do I invest the 1500-2k on a "good" machine (and grinder, hopefully) that should I am told last 20-30years or do i dip my toe in the water with a Breville barista express BES870CRN ($480 atm) or similiar i guess entry level machine with a cheap grinder like the breville smart grinder, that could have me set up for $480-700.

    In terms of coffee drinking habits, we make two milk coffees in the morning. I loved espresso in Europe, not a fan here, hoping my own machine will change that, could easily have a couple in the evening. Weekends, put me down for three a day if home.

    What beans am I looking to use, the cheapest freshest beans i can get. I am intrigued by the idea of using the popcorn maker i had as a kid to roast my own!

    I am located in Perth, your insights and opinions would be most useful.

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    Given you're after the cheapest, freshest beans, I'd suggest going for a machine that matches, so the Breville. Match it with a smart grinder. Can't see the point going crazy with an expensive machine, given the uncertainty.

    If you've got the money, go for it of course. The more expensive kit will have some resale.

    Frothing milk will be worse than a boiler, but the coffee will be fine. Biggest impact on taste in the first instance is fresh beans and grinder.

    Look for beans that are dark roasted, which should get you choose to the European standard. I tend to prefer the local approach.