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    Originally posted by titanax View Post

    I just got this machine & my pre-infusion time is always 6 - 7 secs...I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I notice at 20gm I can barely tamp it below the rim - its that full & dense. For me to get a proper tamp for a double shot, i need about 16 - 17gm which is below the recommended range.

    At least with the Barista Express you can see the pre-infusion pressure, but with the pro everything is in seconds which is odd & hard to gauge.

    Any advise on how to pull a proper shot?

    Not sure if i read the manual right but how do I custom set the pre-infusion to 9 sec?
    Look 4 posts above this and you will see my explanation on custom pre-infusion.
    I'll be honest it doesn't seem intuitive at first.

    I think the pre-infuse is right at 6-7 secs. Pour seems to be done by 16-18 secs. I'm happy with my grind time, size and quantity for a double.
    I've played with custom. Pre-infuse at 10. Grinding way less (3-6) rather than my usual 7-9 range pulling a 20'ish second shot. To be honest I found the pre-programmed well dialed.

    The other thing to be aware of is the volumetric measuring. If you go way too fine on the grind in auto mode, it will only pull short @ 35-40ml. It doesn't pull a double 55-60ml if the grind is too fine. Just take your time in finding the right grind size that gives you decent crema and a full 55-60ml of espresso.

    Don't get caught in the trap I did with how other machines operate. This seems to be very different.
    I easily skipped comments on "every machine is different". They really are!


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      New Breville Barista Pro owner here, looking to get to know more about my machine ( not yet popular here in Canada, the 870 still number 1 ), a bit challenging but I’m sure I will manage ������


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        This looks like a very good option for my shop where it'll sit above the microwave. Had a BES920 (older Breville dual boiler) and my limited space made having a separate grinder very cumbersome.

        This seems to tick all the boxes: PID, quick warm up time, built in grinder etc.


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          What’s the right way to do a ‘back flush’ after each coffee making session? Currently I put an empty portafilter in and run a single cup dose, then put the blind disc in (no hole in this one, I’ve read the Barista Express model needs a hole in the disc?) then run a two cup dose and empty out the dirty water with coffee particles.

          Am I doing it correctly?

          P.S - should I be changing to the single shot sized basket every time? I’ve just been using the blind disc in the double shot basket as that’s the only size I use for my coffees.


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            I got the Breville Barista Pro BES878 a week ago and I'm not convinced the water temperature is high enough. I'm no barista so I can't be sure, but my shots seem off after all the usual adjustments (different beans, different grind coarseness, different amount of grinds and tamping pressures, running a few shots to warm things up, etc).

            So I decided to measure the temperature of the water falling out of the group head and found after 3 shots, it only gets as high as 75C/167F, on the highest temp setting. Google tells me that should be closer to 195-205F (90-96C), so almost 20% too cold. I used 3 different thermometers, all within a couple degrees of each other.

            I figure it could cool a little bit falling into my (warmed) cup where I'm measuring, but trying to minimize that. Can you guys tell me what temp the water comes out of yours at? I would expect it should be closer to 90C/195F. I'm trying to decide if I need to return this or if I just need to keep trying!

            (B.T.W. the first shot is 61C/141F and warms significantly after a couple shots.)


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              I called Breville Support to see what they'd say and they said its possibly just the way I'm measuring, etc, but were convinced enough thet they said I could try to replace it and see if the new one is better. So that's what I'm doing. Fingers crossed that the new one gets the water temp straight out of the head closer to 90C/195 (after running a few shots to warm it all up still). I've seen enough temperature problems posts with various models that I'm worried it won't make a difference, but hopeful, so we'll see soon.


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                Water temperature should be measured as it emerges from the shower screen, not in the cup.

                You need a quick-responding thermocouple like a K-type with digital multimeter with temperature setting.

                Remove the basket and thread the TC up through the portafilter spout and into where the basket normally sits. Put a little some tissue paper around the TC to slow the water going through the portafilter.

                Put the portafilter into the group and let temperature there stabilise.

                Then run water as though pulling a shot and observe the temperature.

                Another way is to take a polystyrene cup, cut off half of it or more horizontally, and poke a small hole in the side through which you poke the thermocouple.

                Put it under the group so the rim of the cup is touching the bottom of the group, and take a reading.


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                  Thanks for the help Robusto.

                  I tried a couple other ways of measuring it including with the papertowel in the portafilter with my instant-read digital thermometer poking up through a spout into the paper towel. (I bent the straight tip of thermometer so it could curve through the spout, and I tested against another thermometer to make sure the bending didn't break it.)

                  That method did make a difference of about 6C/11F so now measuring 81C/178F. So that is significantly closer, but still pretty far off (another 10C/17F) from the *minimum* temperature recommended to make a good shot (91C/195F). And remember, this is all with the machine set at the *highest* temp possible (and after running 4-5 double shots through first to warm things up). At that setting, I expect it to be closer to the recommended maximum temp for a good shot (96C/205F), not 15C/27F below that.

                  Actually, I just realized that the cup warmer on mine doesn't work either, so that's pretty conclusive for me that mine's a lemon. It's not a feature I care about (I warm my cup with hot water), so I didn't notice until now, but it's still room temp after 20 mins.

                  I really hope the replacement does the trick, because I don't know what machine I would get in the same $ ballpark with the same features to replace it (built in grinder, single walled filters, fast warm up in theory, and good milk frother, etc).
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                    I just received the replacement unit, and I'm happy to report that measuring the temp the same way (with a paper towel in the filter-less portafilter, with my self-bent instant-read digital thermometer poking up through a spout into the paper towel) gave a way better result of 92C/198F at the default middle temp setting. I also tried it at the max temperature setting and it momentarily hit a high of 96C/205F, so that's more like I was expecting! Again this is after running 3-4 double shots through as it takes at least 2-3 shots to warm the machine up from cold. So my old unit was definitely a dud, and I'm happy this one is better.

                    It's too late at night for me to actually taste the espresso much, but I think I'll be able to dial things in properly now. If only I could get back the $30 worth of espresso I wasted trying to figure out what I was doing wrong with the malfunctioning machine..

                    Note: the cup warmer is still barely perceptibly warm to the touch. The thermometer measured 28.5C/82.5F in a 24C/75F degree room after 20 minutes, so that's not warming anything.


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                      Originally posted by pamo View Post
                      Note: the cup warmer is still barely perceptibly warm to the touch. The thermometer measured 28.5C/82.5F in a 24C/75F degree room after 20 minutes, so that's not warming anything.
                      It's probably sucking power so it's warming the globe at least.


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                        I just got my Pro and I love it but is there a trick to removing the hopper with beans in it and then seating it back in. I have to fight to get beans out of the burr grinder first


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                          The easiest way is to suck them out with a vacuum nozzle.


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                            Ive got my Pro a week ago and Im finally pulling the shot I like. For a double: Grind size 8, 17g in, 20 second pour. out 60 ml ............Im just curious. Why does the puck stick yo the group head so often?


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                              Has anyone adjusted the pre infusion setting?


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                                Has anyone measured temperature stability over the course of single and double shot extraction? I wonder how stable it is compared to machines that use a boiler.