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What should I replace my Gaggia classic with?

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  • What should I replace my Gaggia classic with?

    Hi all,

    I'd really appreciate some guidance on what machine to buy as a replacement for my Gaggia classic. Here's some background...

    I bought the classic in the UK in about 2005. I think it was a reconditioned model at the time and the sticker on the bottom reads 11/00 so perhaps it was made in 2000. I used it in the UK for 10 years. Hard water and never descaled it. Bought grounds from the supermarket and kept em in the freezer and had no idea that my coffee was almost certainly much worse than I thought...

    I brought it back to Australia in 2012 and had the boiler descaled and the machine serviced. At that time I also bought a Eureka Mignon grinder, a water filter and taught myself how to dial in the grind and pour a reasonable shot. I replaced the steam wand on the classic as well, but even then it took me a lot longer to learn how to steam the milk to my satisfaction. Anyway, I'm miles from an expert but I eventually learnt how to get some consistency from the gaggia classic and to make a decent espresso, piccolo or flat white...

    Anyway, the machine died a few weeks ago. I've had two opinions on it and both technicians said it would be better to buy a new machine than try to replace the current one. The boiler needs replacing and even if they do that, the pump may fail at any time in the near future... I figure I've had my 300 pounds worth and now its time to replace it.

    I'd be happy spending up to $800, which would get me the new 2019 Gaggia Classic, or a Rancho Silva, or perhaps a Breville BES920 for a bit less. I'm open to any suggestions though.

    I quite enjoyed the process of getting a good outcome from the Gaggia so I think i would have the patience and persistence to do the same with the Silva... yet at the same time I'd probably do better and get there more quickly with the help of the PID temp control on the Breville. I doubt I'd get 15 years out of the Breville though...

    Any suggestions here? I'm a bit stuck on which way to go...

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    Neon the Lelit pl41temd has a pid installed and is just a little more than you budget, often compared with the Sylvia, might also be worth looking at


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      I'm with 338. IMO no one should be buying a Gaggia Classic or Rancilio Silvia new when the Lelit PL41TEMD exists.


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        I think the Breville 920 will be a great choice from a feature perspective - dual boiler, PID, OPV, etc - but it’s not going to last 14 years like your Gaggia - probably more like 4-5.

        As mentioned above, the Lelit sounds like a better choice that’ll last for ages with proper servicing, and the PID is a worthy feature over the Silvia

        ... or spend a little bit more & get a 2nd hand E61 machine that’ll be even more of an upgrade from the Gaggia - just need to convince someone here they need to upgrade [emoji848]


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          Hi guys, thanks for the input. I think I'll take your advice and go for the Lelit pl41temd (assuming I can convince my wife to accept the increase in budget).

          Any recommendations on where to get a good price for one? I am in Sydney.


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