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Pavoni Europiccola - boiler gaskets causing seal leakage?

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  • Pavoni Europiccola - boiler gaskets causing seal leakage?

    Good afternoon, I recently replaced the seal kit on my La Pavoni Europiccola (post-millennium) machine and have noticed that the element plate (and o-ring) does not seal well against the brass boiler fixing ring. The plate appears to contact brass boiler fixing ring before compressing the seal. When I went to water test, it leaked out the bottom.

    Perturbed I reviewed some 'before' pictures I took of the machine and noticed that the top gasket was not present. During the seal replacement I fitted both gaskets per the design intent. Does everyone else have two gaskets?

    The gaskets are #701806 in the link below;

    I feel that the brass boiler fixing ring needs to rotate around further to allow the element plate to press down deeper to the o-ring. It is already around pretty tight, with lubricant as well.

    I've just had the base powder coated and the guy said that the coating won't stand high temps, which is why I had so much damage before. If I leave one of the gaskets out, I'm worried this will happen again.


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    Thumbnails to larger pictures. Appreciate any help or advice.


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      My only knowledge is that the powder coat 'may' last. I have flat black on the mufflers on my bike, they have lasted, but look a bit glossier now..


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        yeah, when I said it could get to high 80-90's he wasn't actually keen to do the job. But I said there would be gaskets to offer some heat distribution, so he was happier to do it.