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    Hello all,

    I am currently looking for a semi-auto machine for less then $1000, before this I had a super automatic which lasted about 5 or so years so I am new to semi.

    The one I have been looking at is the Breville barista express and also the Dual boiler but unfortunately I am not too sure if i'll have enough bench space to fit that one.

    Everyone in my house drinks milk based drinks and probably adds up to like 6-8 drinks a day, any recommendations would be good.


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    Welcome Alphaleus...

    More important than even the machine you choose is the grinder mate.
    Does that budget include the grinder?



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      Yes this would include the grinder in the price, with the barista express it has a grinder built into it but I heard its not the greatest.


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        Hi, alot of machines with built in grinders are hard on your coffee. One of my staff members bought her mum a Sunbeam basic machine and a Baratza Sette grinder for around $1000. I would definitely recommend putting money into your grinder. I would also consider a Moccamaster and the same grinder for delicious filter coffee as an alternative within that price range. Happy shopping


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          ok thanks i'll get one of those and a Breville Duo Temp Pro or something