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ECM Casa V left on - have I killed it?

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  • ECM Casa V left on - have I killed it?

    Hi there,

    I accidentally left on my Casa V machine on overnight with the steam switch on.

    This morning the machine was cold and the only light on was the green Power on light. I switched off for a while, switched back on - but the only light that came on was that green Power light and not the usual orange Heating light. And it didn't heat up at all.

    What have I done? I would've thought, at worse, a safety switch would've been tripped. Can I reset it? Or is this something I need a professional to fix?

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    You might try this -


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      If you're lucky- it will be a reset of the thermal switch which you will find on the boiler somewhere: It will look something like this: Power off and disconnected, give it a push (you will feel nothing) and power on and try it.

      If not, lesson learned and it will have cooked the element and you'll need a repair.


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        And that was it! Quick press of that reset switch and I'm back in business!

        Thank you!!!