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Sunbeam EM7100 issue

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  • Sunbeam EM7100 issue

    Hi guys,

    First of all, thank you to all the regular contributors who have helped me improve my brew every morning for the last 12 months!

    I bought myself a Sunbeam EM7100 and a Compak K3 in June last year and have been making my coffee every morning for myself and the wife. It’s a constant battle trying to pull the perfect shot every morning but the Sunbeam has been great up until the last couple of days.

    Since then it has been leaking clear water quite badly from outside the collar (appears to be coming up from near the thermoblock). I’ve already take the screen off and checked the group head seal but all appears to be ok. If it was this seal I assumed it would also be spewing coffee around the handle.

    Unfortunately there are no repairers based where I live (regional QLD) so I’m staining down the path of having to replace a 13 month old machine. Any help appreciated!

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    You can upload photos to Imgur and post a link to them here


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      Thank you! Pic uploaded


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        It'll have split a brass compression fitting somewhere on the thermoblock, most likely the fitting that leads to the solenoid valve as this is a common culprit. I have once seen a split teflon tube but in this case it was an excessive leak internally and minimal flow from the group head.

        If your machine indeed has a split fitting on the thermoblock, you will need a new thermoblock as the fittings themselves are part of it and are not replaceable. Fortunately, the EM7100 thermoblock (same part as the EM7000) comes complete with a new collar, group seal and shower screens for not much more money than a thermoblock by itself costs.

        As it is only 13 months old, I think Sunbeam will help with warranty. I service a very large area and often Sunbeam will organise to get the machine shipped to me, providing it has the original packaging or is otherwise packed safely. They may be able to do the same in your case to get it to your nearest service centre.


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          Thanks for the response! I assumed it was going to be something to do with thermoblock but didn’t want to pull it apart if there was something else simple I was missing.

          I guess I’ll touch base with sunbeam.