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EM6910 main water pump stopped working

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  • EM6910 main water pump stopped working

    So i have had this EM6910 and the associated grinder for a few years now, probably 8 years so. I did some work on this machine to get the steam pump working properly and also to get the grinder to work well. I did the work myself including pulling apart the steam pump. Also when i descale the steam pump i do that via disconnecting the heating element on the milk steam boiler. Just back ground info.

    The other day i made a coffee and then went to top up with hot water for an americano and all of a sudden the main water pump stopped. The steam pump still works. But the main water doesn't work at all. I have taken the covers off but nothing obvious.

    I did a quick search but didn't see anything about the main water pump.

    There is no indication it is the low level water switch.

    I think it may be the pump, or the control panel that powers the pump. When i press the button for making a coffee, i hear a click, but then nothing more.

    How can i check if it is the pump and not something in the electric circuit? I have a multi meter.
    If it is the pump, do i need to just replace the pump, or can i pull it apart and potentially get it working?
    Is it difficult to get the pump out?

    Any help would be appreciated. I quite like the coffee the machine makes, and if i can get it going again that would be great as compared to going out and buying a new machine.


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    The 6910 uses an Ulka EP5 pump, an EX5 will also work. To test the pump have your licenced electrician check the voltage going to the pump when you start a shot. You could also disconnect the water pipe downstream of the pump and run it into an ice cream container to make sure it's not a blockage etc. Are you in Australia?

    P.S. I know it's been 5 years but welcome to the forum


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      Thanks for the welcome. I used info from this forum to get the machine up and running before including sorting out the steam pump, very useful information here. I am in Australia. I will try and disconnect some tubing after the pump.



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        Done a bit more checking. There is power going to the solenoid on the pump, checked via a multi meter and i can hear it.
        I also disconnected a copper connection on the pump discharge as suggested and no water came through when turned on, so suggest this is a pump problem.

        Can the pump be pulled apart? Or is just best to buy a replacement pump?



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          When you say there is power going to the solenoid on the pump, do you mean the electrical connections on the pump or a solenoid valve near the pump?

          If there is power at the pump it's best just to replace it. You can pull them apart but given its age it wouldn't be worth bothering with.


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            There is power at the electrical connections to the pump. I have ordered a new pump and will let you know how that goes when installed.