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  • Help with Sunbeam Cafe Series

    Hi guys

    I am new to this forum and a coffee machine newbie. I have had a Sunbeam Cafe Series EM7000 for about 12 months and we use it to make between 3-10 coffees most days in our office.

    I had made two coffees in a row this morning and when I went to make the third the machine started malfunctioning. I have uploaded a video to YouTube of what the machine is doing - even after turning it off and then on again it is stuck at this point. The power light turns on but no other lights turn on.

    Video of the problem here ->

    Does it need to be de-scaled? If so what is the best way to do this? The manual has a few different options, liquid, tablets, vinegar etc.

    Thanks so much in advance for any tips or assistance! I am really worried I have totally buggered it!

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    So as soon as you turn it on at the wall this happens straight away or once you hit the power button on the machine?

    Have you ever descaled the machine or done any maintenance?

    What area are you in and what is the water hardness like there? Do you use tap water in the machine?

    I find the vinegar method the cheapest. It does leave a vinegar taste in the machine that you need to flush out with clean water.
    I recently descaled a 7000 that looked like it had never been done. I did 2 or 3 cycles with Cafetto but once it still needed more I switched to vinegar. It took approx 25 descale cycles and then 35 clean water cycles. The way to tell if you've flushed it with water enough is to collect some water from the empty group head in a cup, then put some of the water you fill the tank with in another cup. Once the machine water has completely cooled to room temp taste both cups and compare, if you can detect a difference you need to keep flushing.


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      Help with Sunbeam Cafe Series

      If it is running as soon as you turn it on it usually indicates a failed triac, it can be caused by water on the PCB but if there has been no recent work on the machine that is less likely. It is not caused by a build up of scale so cleaning will not help.


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        Thanks guys, this happens as soon as the power button is turned on, it doesn't happen if it is just sitting plugged in but not switched on. I haven't de scaled it before or done any maintenance beyond basic cleaning.

        Sorry forgot to add we are in Western Sydney Richmond/Penrith area


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          That is a different problem to the failed triac. It does sound Ike a control board problem however. It is unlikely to be helped by cleaning.


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            Thank you, is there somewhere I can take it to be fixed or serviced?


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              I am sure the answer is yes but I am not in Sydney so cannot help with that, sorry.


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                Did you buy it new 12 months ago? If so your best bet is to chase it up with your retailer / Sunbeam as a warranty issue.