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Breville 870 + P&R Porter street recommended settings?

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  • Breville 870 + P&R Porter street recommended settings?

    Hi all
    A noob to home brewing
    Just purchased a Breville 870 express and subscribed to P&R three deliveries for 50% off.
    Watched a few videos on YouTube on how to use the machine.
    I get that there is a lot of trial and error with every bean but would appreciate advice on best grind, dose, tamping, extraction pressure and time etc etc to aim for with this blend.
    Many thanks in advance.

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    Using scales that measure down to 0.1g, measure 16.0g of ground coffee into the portafilter, extract approx. 32g of liquid coffee. Aim to get the ~32g in approx. 27s, adjust the grind size to achieve this timeframe. Adjust the time to taste, try it a coyote of seconds faster and a couple of seconds slower and see which you prefer.

    The pressure should sort itself out of you hit the other metrics. As for tamping most importantly be consistent, but you don't want to be tamping super hard. If you lean on the kitchen bench before long you'll feel the bench push back, you never need to push harder than that. You shouldn't be using your arm muscles to push down, just lean a little.