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used Wega Mininova or new NS Oscar II

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  • used Wega Mininova or new NS Oscar II

    I'm in a dilemma on what machine to buy and wanted to ask for an advice.

    Background and planned usage:
    My friends and I operate a little refreshment stand on private events (about twice a year) where we also have coffee (although this is not the main feature). At an event we process about an 1kg of coffee a day, while the events last 2-5 days. The events are always in different places and we need to transport all equipment (not only the coffee machine). Water connection is not ensured, so water tank is preferred. From past experience we make about 70% of coffee orders with steamed milk, so good steamer is a must.

    I have an option to buy new Nuova Simonelli Oscar II for about 750 EUR.
    Also I have an offer on used Wega Mininova (vibe pump, water tank) for about 230 EUR (unknown history, seller claims latest usage at home).

    What would you go for? The soft financial limit is 1000 EUR with grinder. I'm also happy to accept any suggestions for other machines.

    Thank you for your opinions
    Best Regards

    P.s.: sorry for my bad English