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Sunbeam EM 6910 pressure release and pressure gauge stopped working

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  • Sunbeam EM 6910 pressure release and pressure gauge stopped working

    Just recently the gauge has stopped responding and water doesn't come through to the drip tray either after a pour or during the cleaning cycle. Most likely causes and solutions? I'm game to take this sucker apart. Hoping it might just be that nylon plug doo dah on the spring in the group head but slightly concerned I might be up for cleaning the pipes.

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    Try this-


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      Hi Lionmonkey
      Sorry about the brief reply yesterday but I was short for time.
      The "nylon plug doo dah" you referred to in a non-drip valve and is not likely to be the cause of your problem. The first thing I would suggest to try is to remove the shower screens and give them and the area above them a thorough clean preferably by soaking in hot water and a cleaning agent such as Caffeto.
      Also check the off-centre hole in the underside of the brew thermoblock which you can see with the shower screen off. I think the thread I referred you to mentions using a syringe to work out the grounds which find their way up into this and hence on to the thin pipe leading to the pressure gauge and pressure relief solenoid valve.
      I would only recommend removing the pipes as a last resort as the fittings into the thermoblogk tend to be quite brittle and easily broken especially since quite a bit of force is often needed to undo them.
      Hope this helps - please let us know how you get on.