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Getting into the espresso making hobby

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  • Getting into the espresso making hobby


    I have a DeLonghi Dedica coffee machine and I would like to upgrade to a better coffee machine (I already bought a Eureka grinder).

    I drink only espresso, about 3 or 4 shots a day, no milky drinks so no frothing required.

    I have considered these models:
    • Rancilio Silvia
    • Lelit Grace PL81T (has more features but no track history)
    • QuickMill Alexia EVO
    • Bezzera Unica

    My initial budget was $700 which makes the last two options pretty far out of my price range.

    Would sth like QuickMill Alexia EVO or Bezzera Unica really be worth the money, compared to Rancilio Silvia or Lelit Grace which are almost half the price? Do you feel the difference in the espresso?

    Looking forward to your opinions!

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    You could add to your list Gaggia Classic to your list and ECM Casa in terms of cheaper machines. The Gaggia Classic has just be updated slightly with a better steam wand.

    You can add a few more single boiler machines like the Vibiemme Domobar Piccolo.

    Second hand you might be able to find a cheap E61 single boiler under $700, Gaggia Classics are often around $200-$300, heaps of for Silvia's $300-$800.

    Big benefit of the QuickMill Alexia EVO or Bezzera Unica are the E61 (or E61 style) groups with good temperature stability due to the thermosyphon system, some of the other machines require some more temp surfing or flushing to get the right temp. This means less need to upgrade later as E61 machines are about as good as it gets in home coffee until you are looking to spend 6k plus. However the Lelit Grace PL81T looks to have a PID which would mean excellent temperature stability, also it is quite common for Rancilio Silvia's to have PIDs fitted (but does not come when stock).


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      I started with a Gaggia Classic and it was a challenging but inspiring start. It was a bit hard to control to get consistent results but if they improved the steam wand, I would go for it.