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EM6910 Turns on but won't turn off - PCB issue?

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  • EM6910 Turns on but won't turn off - PCB issue?

    Hi, my first post on here.

    I just acquired a used EM6910 which was advertised as "pumps not working/intermittent". Upon pulling cover off and firing it up for the first time, after it had warmed up I was surprised to find both pumps were indeed working so I left both taps on for a minute to try and prime the lines. They weren't quite priming I was worried I didn't have enough water in the tank so turned the taps off and tried to turn machine off but the power button wouldn't turn it off, so I eventually disconnected it at the wall.

    I haven't been able to get the pumps working ever since.
    The main issue is the machine will turn on after pressing the power button, the elements both work, it preheats and green lights come on but after that none of the buttons work and I can't turn the machine off. I can actually turn it off before it gets to the preheated stage but not after. I tried a factory reset I get the 4 beeps but it doesn't fix the issue.

    Anybody seen this issue before? I'm guessing it's the PCB.


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    I sourced another EM6910 and swapped out the circuit board and all is working again.


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      Glad to hear you got it sorted and thanks for posting your results.
      I'm not sure if it is imagination but board failures with 6910s seem to be coming up more frequently lately. A lot of them seem related to water splashes while filling the tank without first removing it.