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  • Silvia Versions?

    How do you identify which version of the silvias as ive seen theres v1 v2 etc etc?
    And are PIDs available as aftermarket attachment?

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    found this on web
    "V1/V2 - The steam wand only moves left to right. OPV non-adjustable.V3 - The steam wand is a ball joint, the knobs are slightly updated. New drip tray and brew head collar. New boiler.
    V4 - Didn’t exist?
    V5 - Boiler insulation and light arrangement changed. E version turns off after 30 min, do not get this one IMO.


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      The photo below shows a V1/V2 (up to May 2006) boiler on the left, a V3 (2006-2013) boiler in the middle and a V4/V5 boiler (2013-?) on the right.

      If an element/boiler replacement was required on the V1,2 & 3 versions, some people used to drill out the existing welded-in element and replace with a new bolted-in version as per the link below. You had to be accurate with your drilling to avoid leaks though. Usually easier now to spend the extra bucks and replace with the V5 boiler which is probably the only one available anyway.

      The V5 Silvia has the single hole removable element which is Stainless Steel rather than the earlier copper and supposedly is more durable.

      They've pretty much had the same machine for ever with minor cosmetic change and the Boiler updates. V5 Model E has the auto switch-off as mentioned earlier. Same outer case, frame (eventually will rust) with crappy powder-coating, Group surround with Chrome finish that will peel eventually. The main thing that's been updated is the price which continually rises for essentially the same machine.
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        Cool, thanks for the info guys really appreciate it, I get asked about machines a lot, I either find the answer or suggest hey there's there's really great forum called CS.......
        thank you!