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  • Sunbeam EM7000

    Hey all.. Just the last day or so my EM7000 has stopped giving good pressure on my shot pour, even with a fine grind. I'm using the dbl basket with a 2 shot pour, and usually get perfect pressure with a 27-30 second pour. (Around 35g shot weight in the cup.). Now all of a sudden the pressure is low and pour lasts about 16 seconds, and I end up with about 22g shot in the cup. I've tried reducing the grind size and it chokes the shot pour but the pressure is still low.
    I cannot see any cracks anywhere, the beans are fresh and I grind here in a Breville Smart Grinder Pro.

    Anyone have any ideas what to do? Thanks.

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    Hi Ivan, put your rubber disc/ cleaning disc into the portafilter, and see what result you get on the gauge. If you get full pressure the problem is within the coffee/grinding/prep side of things, if you get low pressure the problem is within the machine. At least it gives a starting point.


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      Yeah just tried that and the pressure was only up to the "grey" area on the gauge. Well below what it should be.. Looks like I'm taking it to a repair joint.


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        Yeah get to a repair joint