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Repair Lelit vs change to something else?

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  • Repair Lelit vs change to something else?

    I have a Lelit PL41TEMD bought used from my cousin who moved overseas and didn't want to take it with them and I felt it was an upgrade from my Sunbeam.

    It's about 3.5 years old and usually makes two milk coffees each day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The original owner used it about the same and it's been serviced once when it was about 18 months old (I was planning on doing it while I'm on holiday next month).

    Recently it started dripping water and it appears the boiler o-ring needs replacing - it's progressed from dripping a bit of water to coming out of the front corner which means I'm not using it at all (water + electricity = bad). I've been able to get some parts and am pretty handy but I'm struggling to find instructions online to pull it all apart as everything I find is for a different iteration of this model that's just different enough and I don't have a LOT of experience with electrical stuff.

    It seems Lelit's aren't easy to find repairers for (I'm two hours from Melbourne but happy to drive if I have to). I'm reluctant to post/courier it to another city as my cousin did that when they serviced it. The company didn't package it properly to return it and it arrived literally bent out of shape like it had been dropped (the workings were okay but it's never sat level since then).

    So my options seem to be:
    - keep persisting with trying to fix this myself (much more time consuming than it first appeared)
    - find and pay someone to fix it
    - sell it cheap to someone who can/is willing to fix it and put the money towards either a Breville Dual Boiler (seems much better than my old clunky Sunbeam) or a Rancilio Silvia (seems easier to do repairs myself or find a pro to do it for me).

    Any thoughts much appreciated from you more knowledgeable folks!

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    I would contact site sponsor Jetblack Espresso, who are the Australian importers of Lelit. They will be able to inform you of your closest repair agent, who might be easier to get to them you are aware.