HI everyone, I am new here so please be forgiving on not using right lingo etc. I hope some of you can help me with some questions.

Two weeks ago my friend gave me his Silvia as he upgraded to something new and very fancy. He said his Silvia was not working well. Now 2 weeks ago I knew nothing about espresso machines but have been busy reading stuff on here and watching videos etc so I have learned a lot about the subject. Not enough however so that is why I am here for some advice and help. Here are my burning questions:

  1. How to get the Silvia working nicely again by doing some maintenance on it
  2. Where is a good place to buy spare parts for a Silvia
  3. And should I even bother to try and fix it or just take it in for recycling

I hope 3 is not recommended.

(1)After talking to my mate I found out that apart from a replaced boiler when the machine was about 3 years old, he has NEVER ever done anything to it. From reading I understand there are a few things that should be done/changed on the machine as time goes by. And him telling me the issues with the machine I have already been able to put two and two together as to why some of them happen. He has never changed any seals, nor shower, nor baskets nor backflushed....NOTHING!

The symptoms he reported are: poor pressure, water/liquid leaking over portafilter. He said he stopped using the steam wand after he blew up the boiler so don't know what state the wand is in.
So I have come to the conclusion I will need to at least get a group head seal, and I have already purchased a new pump and some . I found on ebay a maintenance kit (group head seal, steam wand seals)...eBay link removed as per Site Posting Policy, which is a good start. Do you suggest I change anything else? Would the 3 way valve be still ok considering its never been flushed in over 10 years?

(2) where do you guys recommend is a good place for purchasing spare parts. Apart from the seals and pump, what else should I change or clean? I am planning on pulling the whole machine apart and completely detail it. I also got some Cafetto for backflushing. Oh yes, I will need a blind basket.

(3) The Silvia turns on, i can hear the pump, it does heat up, the flow of water from the steam wand does not seem as pressurised as I have seen on videos but hard to say. I have never seen a perfectly working Silvia in person and have no previous experience with an espresso machine. My past has been instant and capsule machines but I am committed to make a good coffee at home.My friend was still using it to make coffee but I think the coffee was not that good anymore which is why he upgraded but I am hoping that can be resolved by some maintenance and changing a few parts. At same time I don't want to spend a whole lot. I am on like a $100 budget. If you all think I should just give it up then I will I guess. What do you think? Also the silver/chrome finish on the group head is peeling off and looks awful. I don't think it has any influence on function but its fugly. Seen the covers selling for $90 which would eat up my maintenance budget. Could I just peel it all off and re-paint it?

Sorry for the huge post. Hope some of you can give me advice on the above 3 points. Thank you in advance.