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Cleaning BES500 Breville Bambino Plus

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  • Cleaning BES500 Breville Bambino Plus

    This machine is my first home espresso machine, but I have used fancier ones in offices I worked in.
    The machine came with tablets to clean it, but when I tried to run the cleaning cycle (very odd method compared to backwashing a normal machine), the tablets did not dissolve and after the cycle were still mostly in-tact.
    I'd like to use normal cleaning powder to run the cleaning cycle (like the Evo Organic Espresso Machine Cleaner) instead of the Breville brand tablets, which I assume are only in tablet form to control the dose of powder? But aren't dissolving so it's moot to me.

    Is this a bad idea? Is it like using off-brand ink in a printer (which never worked for me, always ended up breaking the printer)?

    Would love advice!

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    I use Cafetto powder in my Breville BES920 and run the cleaning cycle. Haven't had any issues in 4 years.