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Silvia or Gaggia Classic?

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  • Silvia or Gaggia Classic?

    Hi everyone,

    it's been a while since I have stopped by

    Just wanted to get some opinion on which machine to get, as my old Lelit PL41 has died, I took it to the local coffee roaster/machine seller for a check up, they reckon the pump, pressure regulator, some valve and a whole host of other things needs to be replaced, the final bill will be $500+, they suggested I might be better off buying a new one.

    So I have been lurking around CS for the last few days reading threads and reviews, budget would ideally be under $1000 (damn prices has gone up a lot since I brought my Lelit around 10 years ago!)

    I guess for my budget, I will be looking at everyone's favorites: Rancillio Silvia ($873 on ebay with Plus discounts) or Gaggia Classic ($789 + shipping on ebay), otherwise, I guess I can go back to Lelit again? ($849 for the current version of PL41). Breville seems to get mentioned alot too, but the ones around this price range seems to have some sort of fancy thermal block rather then a boiler? not sure if technologies has advanced a lot or not, but at least 10 years ago, thermal blocks usually gets the thumbs down around here.

    I am leaning towards the Silvia, but looking at this thread:, looks like my grinder may not be up to the task? (I have both the Breville Smart Grinder and an old Sunbeam EM480).

    I guess I can get a Rocky to go with Silvia, but rather not spend another extra few hundred right now, if my current grinders dies, then I will definitely look into it.

    Usage: makes two or three double shot cappuccinos a day most days of the week.

    Any suggestions are welcome, or should I just repair my old Lelit?


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    G'day kirova...

    If you're handy with tools, why not repair your current machine.
    Parts are not expensive and it's not very difficult to pull the machine down to its essential components.

    But, if you're not up for this, I would stick with Lelit as they have been making superior machines machines now for quite some time. For what it is, the Silvia lags far behind at its price point.



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      Kirova, at that price bracket the breville dual boiler is your best bet.
      It is a dual boiler machine vs the single boiler options you listed and i think you'll be blown away by how much it offers.
      You definitly wont get more bang for your buck at that price bracket and you can make the leap to a machine that can steam and brew simultaneously.
      Only the cheaper brevilles are thermoblock.
      The sunbeams are all thermoblock but i would stick to the breville dual boiler.
      I wouldnt repair the lelit, the new version of the lelit is only $800 and youll still be left with a single boiler machine. You wont want to go back after trying a dual boiler or heat exchanger


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        Dimal - I thought Silvia is everyone's darling around here (and elsewhere on the internet)? I might drop Jetblack (where I got the Lelit from originally) an email and see what they say.

        Cats - are there any sub $1000 Breville dual boilers machines? Looking on their website, The Infuser (BES840) and Express (BES870) has the "1650W Thermocoil", while the Pro (BES878) has the "ThermalJet". The Dual Boiler(tm) is listed at $1899, although looks like one of the chain stores are selling it for $1499 at the moment.


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          No mate, the Silvia was knocked off its pedestal a number of years ago by various offerings from the Lelit factory...
          Charlie (JetBlack Espresso) will definitely be able to highlight the models for you that will come closest to your ideal machine.



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            Thx Dimal, good to know Lelit is the better choice these day, I guess I was ahead of the curve

            to answer your previous question - nah not really good at fixing stuff, so probably won't even attempt it


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              I'd probably buy the Silvia if it came down to single boiler. The new element configuration coupled with the internal build is superior to the Lelit offer in my opinion- but a PID would be a good inclusion.

              Regardless, a Breville DB at about the same price presents a compelling argument for the performance and convenience. It's just not as likely to be around in 10 years. Many of the very earliest Silvias still live. My younger bro has an Audrey from the mid 90's which is still perfoming beautifully.
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                Here you go: single boiler PID under $1k



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                  Originally posted by Caffeinator View Post
                  I'd probably buy the Silvia if it came down to single boiler
                  Each to their own of course but from a performance/value perspective, the Silvia has been missing the boat for quite some time...



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                    Having previously owned a Silvia & currently having the Lelit Combi in the office, my personal preference is the Lelit.


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                      The 1899/1499 will be with the Smart Grinder Pro (at myer?), but even then harvey norman has it right now for $827 by itself
                      Will it be around in 10 years? Well hard to know but given your leleit is at most of the cost of a new machine in that time frame anyway, itd strongly prefer having dual boiler than not.
                      No, the cheaper models are thermoblock.
                      But a dual boiler for less than 1k is pretty awsome given it even has stuff the better machines dont have.


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                        thx Cats, since I don't like Gerry very much, I didn't really look at HN at all, but damn $827 dual boiler with PID does indeed look very attractive.

                        looks like Bing Lee is selling it at $849, maybe they will price match?

                        I guess I will go for a drive to the nearest home maker center tomorrow and see what is out there.

                        thx again everyone, I will report back on what I end up getting
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                          but damn, Lelit PL41 with PID, Silvia v5 M, or Breville Dual Boiler

                          decision decisions..................


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                            Yep, we've all been there mate...



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                              just to update everyone, I am in Sydney at the moment and stopped by Jetblack today, ended up going with the Lelit PL41TEMD

                              Even though the Breville DB was very attractive, but in the end, I chose to stick with the brand I know and trust.

                              now, just gotta to wait til I get home this weekend to play with my new toy

                              thx again for everyone's help and suggestion.

                              and Charlie - if you are reading this, thx for your help today