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  • Saeco Bar 2000 advice/help

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm completely new here, so thanks for having me firstly!

    I wanted to see if anyone may be able to help at all with any advice.

    I have a very old (but in great condition!) Saeco Bar 2000 machine from the 80s, which I would love to get working!

    It would be truly appreciated if anyone out there know's of an online manual available? Or if anyone may have a copy they can scan/pdf?

    The machine turns on fine, the lights come on, the steamer works (if somewhat sporadically) it all seems to heat up and get very hot to touch (so I assume the boiler is working) but no water comes through...

    Any advice would be super appreciated

    I'm not technically minded at all. So apologies in advance!

    But in this current climate taking it somewhere to get fixed isnt an option at the moment.

    Thank you again
    Stay safe everyone!


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    Likely a bit of scale or debris stuck in solenoid. Pretty easy fix if so. Don't know this machine, but that is where I would start.
    Where are you based?


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      Thank you
      bosco for your reply. I am based in the South West of England, UK.

      Since my original message I managed to find a lovely chap who has fixed the machine! Well, apart from one big issue.. It seems to occasionally blow all the fuses in the whole house! Any idea why it would be doing this? I really dont want to give up on it, but if i cant work out why this is happening then i think its the time to...

      The machine has been re-wired (to the original specs) and the thermometers have all been replaced, as we thought that was the reason it may be blowing.. its worked fine for a good few times since, but just yesterday started to blow the house again..

      I dont know if i am doing something wrong? Pressing the wrong buttons? Order?

      If anyone has any advice it would be really appreciated.

      Thank you!


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        Is it actually blowing physical fuses or just killing the power to the whole house? Is your house on a single earth leakage device that it is tripping? My gut instinct is that earth leakage is more likely to kill power to the whole house than your machine short circuit/overload a whole house but that doesn't mean I'm right. Could be the heating element seals are gone and it's getting moisture in the element.


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          Hi Lynzy and all. I'm a bit late in on this one, but it may be useful to know that the Bar 2000 has the same heater coil as the Via Venezia. The 220 volt version has manufacturer's part no. 222890352.I see that one of these is available on eBay Australia at the moment - Probably not very useful given the likely postage cost. An intermittent short from the heater element resistance to its metal housing is by no means uncommon and the most likely cause of circuit breaker trips in a rewired machine.If all else fails there are generic boiler elements that - with some fettling - might fit.

          I'm in SW England myself (Plymouth) and I have a Bar 2000 that I'm working on with a cleaned and working boiler/element. My own problem is that I bought the damned thing without a portafilter and it's turned out to be a really obscure item. I'm probably going to have to source a bottomless PF from the US, which will be an upgrade I didn't plan on paying for.

          In the meantime I'd be happy to help you test components by substitution if there's any way we can meet up in person. I'm competent to safely swap the boiler and/or pump between machines and that would almost certainly identify your point of failure. The pump, by the way, is an Ulka EP5. If that's your problem then you are in luck as they are common and inexpensive.

          Regards, Will.
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