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Grinder problem Sage barista touch

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  • Grinder problem Sage barista touch

    I have a Sage oracle touch for 2 years and I am very satisfied with it. Now I have bought a barista touch for my son.
    I have the following problem:
    With the same coffee, I set the grinding degree of the oracle touch to 17 and everything fits.
    With the barista touch, grind degree 2 still produces almost twice as much espresso. Inside the grinder both were set to 6. I have now set the inside of the barista touch to 4 and grind 3 and now it fits to some extent.
    Does this possibly indicate an error of the grinder at the barista touch, because 2 grinders can not be so different in their setting / calibration. Still I could give the machine back.
    What do you think?

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    Hi, I am not familiar with your machines, but i believe numbers do not necessarily match from machine to machine and secondly as the machines are a couple of years apart there may be some changes anyway. So as an example setting 17 on the oracle WILL NOT necessarily be the same as Setting 17 on the barista. Keep doing what you are doing ,by dialing in the new machine. If you can get similar results in the cup then it mostly doesn't matter what numbers are showing. I say mostly because if you can only get the grind fine enough, with no more adjustment or if the grinds are wildy varying at the same setting, then i would ask a question of your warranty


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      In the Barista Touch manual there are instructions for calibrating the grinder, have a read of page 22 ( If you follow those you should be able to adjust the range to be finer. Sounds like from the factory the grind range was not set fine enough but this is adjustable so don't panic! Sage is the name for Breville used overseas so the machine equivalent in Australia is Breville Barista Touch BES880.


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        There have been a number of people posting on this forum who have bought the Barista Touch and have had it not grinding fine enough out of the box. All of them solved their problems by adjusting the inner burr. I would suggest that the BES880 and the BES990 are calibrated differently, so don't worry about what the numbers say, worry about the quality of the coffee you can produce.