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Sunbeam 6910 group handle, hot tip...

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  • Sunbeam 6910 group handle, hot tip...

    Sitting at home, bored. Wondering what that plastic disk in my group handle is up to..... It's been there about 12 odd years, I was always reluctant to play around too much after breaking my original group handle when changing double to single spout....

    Anyway, it got the better of me today. Out with the soft face mallet to "remove" the spout (unscathed), took out the plastic disk. Oh my wordy! I seriously think there's a vaccine AND a cure for covid19 under there. That crap NEVER gets washed out!!

    Got an older 6910 with the plastic disk in the group handle. Get it out, quick. If you're squeemish get someone to do it for you.


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    G'day Darky

    Yep - the first thing I do to any 6910. Second is to pull out both showerscreens - often just as bad.



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      Third is a container of vinegar through the steam wand.


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        Indeed. My shower screens get cleaned once or twice a year, and vinegar solution through the entire machine the same.

        Really, the old girl doesn't get a lot of love, but it doesn't let me down. Without doubt, the single best thing I've done was fix the constant group head leak under pressure, with a cardboard shim. So simple, so effective.....


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          Nice work, great machine when looked after. A silicone seal is a nice addition too


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            I’ve never understood why it’s there in the first place? Apparently it’s there to stop the brewed coffee touching the cold group handle when extracting? If there’s one thing we all should
            know is that the group handle should ALWAYS be hot when brewing. The first thing I did was undo the spout and take out the plastic insert. I’ve replaced the bog standard basket with a 22g vst basket.
            About to dial in some Dukes Espresso Blend for the Easter long weekend.
            Happy Brewing ☕️��