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Question about the Lelit Combi grinder

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  • Question about the Lelit Combi grinder

    Hi all,

    My 7 year old EM7000 is finally giving up the ghost so looking to upgrade to a mid-range machine and the Combi looks like a great bet.

    The only question I really have is about the grinder. With my current Breville grinder, there is what I would consider a flaw in the design in that once the beans in the hopper are fully exhausted, if I tip the grinder forward and bang it on the bench, another 3rd of a portafilter worth of grinds come out. Meaning that if I don't do this, the grinds are just sitting in the grinder until my next shot, and then i'm working with stale grinds.

    Given I can't very well shake an entire machine about, does this problem exist at all with the Combi? When beans go through the burrs, do they all make it down into the basket or are there dregs left behind which build up?

    Many thanks.

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    That's called retention and it's something almost all grinders have. Notable exception the Niche Zero. Your best bet would be to purge a small amount and discard it before pulling your first shot.


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      The Eureka Silenzio has low retention, only about 2-3 grams. Also very quiet, as its name suggests. Available from a couple of CoffeeSnobs sponsors.