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How long should my Lelit Combi PL042EMI last?

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  • How long should my Lelit Combi PL042EMI last?

    So I upgraded to the Lelit about 6 years ago and have had some troubles with it recently.

    In the past I had an issue where the unit would build pressure and then spray coffee and hot water out from around the group head. This was fixed by a basket with a wider rim.
    Just recently the grinder unit on the machine has started slipping and not grinding beans, plus the issue with the machin building temp and then spraying grounds and hot water everywhere again.

    I suppose my question is, how long can I expect that a machine like this will last? I have done all the normal care for it regularly, clean and scale etc. Is it around the time that I would expect to have to upgrade?

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    Not an upgrade but maybe a service. My similar machine (no built in grinder) is 15 or so years old - not exactly sure as I bought it second hand.
    Still going strong but has needed maintenance over the journey. Not sure what your grinder issue is but the spurting coffee may just need a new group seal.
    Worth taking to a reputable service centre.