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Retired 14 yr old Sunbeam for new Breville Dual Boiler

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  • Retired 14 yr old Sunbeam for new Breville Dual Boiler


    Just thought I would share that my Sunbeam Cafe Series EM6910 that I got in 2006 free with an air conditioner has finally worn out. It was one of the special edition red series. The Sunbeam grinder is also worn out. Not bad for 14 years and many coffees...!!!

    I decided to get a Breville Dual Boiler based on comments on this forum and so far I couldn't be happier. It is making great steam and great shots - I also bought the Breville Pro Grinder which is operating fantastically - I love the grind timer...!!!

    I also made my decision from buying a EM7100 Sunbeam for my work - I felt they haven't really upgraded the design since my 2006 model - it does work well but at the moment steam wont work possibly due to scale blockage - it will need to go in for repair after many descaling attempts...and the design of the drip tray connection is poor and leaks often underneath.

    The design of the Breville seems to have had better thinking about it in terms of drip tray, steam wand design, water fill point at the front, etc.....I got the black version which suits my kitchen and looks great. I like the look with the buttons and LCD shot clock/temperature gauge.

    Having the new machine has shown how worn out my old Sunbeam was - but it has done a great job for so many years with good shots still produced but steam was weak, and it would cutout if running steam for too lo long....

    Very happy so far with the Breville.....

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    What have you done with your old machine? Are you in Sydney?


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      I haven't decided what to do with it yet - I was gong to have a look inside to see if any parts are worn out...