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Rancilio re-priming method

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  • Rancilio re-priming method

    Hi all - had a Silvia 2013 LTD for several years and love it. I’ve realised recently my method for temp surfing is a little bit different to any media I’ve seen on this machine. Wondering if what I’m doing is a common hack, or if I’m potentially causing an issue

    Lets assume I have steamed milk - and want to refill boiler ready to extract a shot.

    Most how to’s show the hot water switch turned on to turn on pump and steam wand opened, until steam turns to water and heating element light comes back on.

    But, what if you didn’t turn the steam valve open, and instead ran just the pump via hot water switch? Water fills boiler and then overflows back into reservoir via overflow tube. Boiler filled and no water wastage and mess!


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    Sorry, should have specified, this is to refill boiler for a later shot, not to immediately bring down temp ready to brew. I realise opening steam wand will more quickly flush the superheated water through.