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Oscar 1 badly scaled and not working - advice needed

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  • Oscar 1 badly scaled and not working - advice needed

    Hi guys
    I have a Simonelli Oscar 1 that started to make some noises while heating up. I took it to a repair shop to get it serviced and they said that it had a leaking pressure switch and was in a quite a bad way with scale and a cracked boiler. In the end they said do not descale it (as it was so bad) just use it and see how long it lasts. I bought the switch off them and took it home and did the switch replacement myself.
    After replacing the pressure switch I then thought I would descale it. After the descale it did not heat up. It turned on. I then pulled most of it apart to clean all the fittings/connections as best I could. At the time of doing this I did as much reading as I could but I could not get it working.

    I am in Brisbane and I was wanting some advice on the best course of action to try to resurrect it/get it looked at/troubleshoot the issues. Some shops are asking in excess of $150 to look at it. I am reluctant to spend that given it might not be worth that amount.

    So just asking for any advice in terms of known issues with HX machines and Oscar and what would other folks do in this scenario.


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    Did you get the element wet when descaling it? They also have a fusible link in the centre of the element that may be blown.

    New boilers are available. If you search, recently someone posted the price. I think it was in the for sale topic
    I put a new boiler in my Musica, and the boilers are the same as the Oscar.


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      Please post some picture of the internals. It would make it much easier to suggest what to do next.