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Oh dear... I'm falling in love with the ECM Casa!

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  • Oh dear... I'm falling in love with the ECM Casa!

    Hi all. Bit of a 'blog' than anything else - a bit of an aha moment for me on my ongoing coffee journey.

    I’ve been longong for a dual boiler, preferably something with pressure adjustment. Anyway, this week I've been caring for a used but well-loved ECM Casa IV and have really come to enjoy using it. I've found it to be sturdy, have a distinct premium feel, and pour brilliant shots. It's piqued my interest in a new Casa V.

    I roast my own coffee and this morning, for the first time, I tinkered with the adjustable OPV screw that ECM has placed on top of the machine (just remove the cup warmer as you would to fill up the water tank). Wow! Mind blown. I went to 8 bar and was very pleased with my Yirg espresso. I had slightly over-roasted it and the charcoal hint disappeared between the initial 9 bar pour and the later 8 bar pour. Remarkable! And all easily adjustable.

    I also haven’t had to temp surf the Casa as I had read about with the non-PID'd Silvia, nor have I had to do anything inconvenient or annoying. It just works. Because it's so stable for brewing, and fast to steam pressure, I feel it will suit my wife's and my needs for coffee. In my exprience, 7-10 minutes for the machine to heat up, steam is ready in 40 seconds, brew temp is restored after a 15-second prime.

    Anyone else has an 'aha' moment like this where it turns out your needs are actually met by something you wouldn't have expected?