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How would you spend $1k-1.5k for an intial setup?

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  • How would you spend $1k-1.5k for an intial setup?

    Evening all

    I guess the title says it all! I currently use an Aeropress and handheld grinder for my morning cup at work. I'm interested in purchasing an espresso setup for home. I'm looking at spending approx $1k-1.5k and I am happy purchasing second hand equipment.

    I've been looking at the Rancilio Silvia and the Lelit PL41. I've heard that they pull a decent shot, but may not be great at steaming milk without some practice/process. I guess this is down to the single boiler needing to reach and maintain certain temperatures for both tasks. Are there any other machines I should be looking at or any other limitations that I should be aware of at this price range?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You could also look at another machine of similar build/price range ECM Casa IV.

    Moving up to single boiler E61 you can look at these (prob second hand as you also need a grinder) VBM Domobar Piccolo, Isomac Zaffiro and ECM Classika.


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      Europiccola and decent grinder will take time to learn but worth it imho