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Rancilio Basket Upgrade

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  • Rancilio Basket Upgrade

    Ok. So just picked up my Rancilio Silvia and promptly discovered the OEM baskets suck.
    Seen a lot of threads on here, but couldn't find anything recent with links to where to buy.

    So far the direction, the direction im hearing is to upgrade to a ridgeless basket?
    (My normal routine is to have a double shot latte or flat white) and/or double espresso to sip.
    So im not overly worried about using a naked PF which i have too

    Question 1. What would be the natural upgrade to the OEM double shot basket? Sizing wise im seeing 19g + 22-25g im completely lost on sizing on this one?!
    Also ridgeless and PF spring upgrade?

    Question 2. Reading about upgrading the shower screen with a completely flat setup (OEM has a screen below the screen base)
    Is this necessary?

    Question 3. Where to buy. Im in Perth so ideally locally, but online / east coast is fine.

    Thanks in advance, and hoping someone could hot link another recent thread if it exists


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    Hi DavePerth,

    I own a V3 Silvia and recently went through a similar thing. Im sure there is a thread in here somewhere, and i am sure with some searching you will find more info.

    Q1. From my experience and after a lot of research, I selected the Pesado 18g filter basket with matching Pesado 58.5mm Tamper (purchased from one of our site sponsors). I can tell you the 18g filter fits a standard PF handle well (width and depth wise). Interestingly, the 58.5mm Tamper fits my original filters as well? One thing though, I will be upgrading the spring soon. It isnt terrible, but I am finding the filter slides out very easily when emptying the puck. Taste wise, there is a noteable difference. Stronger obviously as you are using more coffee. I also like the fact that the basket and tamper can move to any other 58mm machine for any upgrades i have.

    Q2. I havent done this upgrade yet (due to lack of stock at the time), although I am considering a precision (IMS probably) shower screen as the videos ive seen seem to make a difference.

    Q3. If I am allowed to say, I purchased online through Coffee Parts, although I am sure you will have no issues with any of the site sponsors freighting to you.

    Good luck and have fun!



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      Coffee Parts are a site sponsor! Have had nothing but good experiences with them.


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        People generally upgrade to IMS or Pesado screens and baskets. I’m using an IMS screen which is great, when I needed a new tamper I went with a Pullman Bigstep and got a matched basket. Couldn’t be happier.