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  • Lelit machine choices

    Hi all,
    I’m hoping your collective knowledge can help me decide on my new machine. After experiencing the world of home roasting I’m now looking for a machine to match my new hobby after being a long time pod machine user. I make 2-3 milk based drinks per day and have a budget of $1200-$1400 for a machine and grinder.
    I have been looking into the Lelit range and particularly like the Combi with PID because of what features are included in the price, but I have a few questions.
    • are the built in grinders up to the task or am I better off getting the PL041 and spending a few hundred on a seperate grinder.
    • It appears all the Lelit modes that have a PID are out of stock until June. Do PIDs make much of a difference or should I hold out making my purchase until they are back in stock.

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    We've been running a Combi with PID in our work office for the last 6 months. It gets worked pretty hard, up to 10 milk based drinks most days and hasn't skipped a beat. Grind quality is heaps better than what I was expecting for the price; no clumping & low retention. The PID is a great (borderline mandatory IMO) feature on a single boiler machine if you want consistently good coffee.


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      Hey! Glad I can jump in on your questions - as mine were exactly the same. I haven't purchased on yet, but I'm leaning toward the PID version and waiting it out!


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        Can I ask if the 58mm Lelit is worth the expense over the 57mm?