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Dialing in espresso on Breville bes920

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    That sounds great. Im still having a tough time with the Vittoria mountain grown coffee and I've still got a few packets that my wife bought to test out the grinding on. I might get myself some different beans soon. This one is too tricky to work with. Looking forward to hearing about your experience.


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      Originally posted by TheDolphin View Post
      Punzilla, I got some fresh beans and big difference. I am still adjusting but last batch was 11g ...
      From my experience with Breville single basket (until I gave up) I had to put 12.2g minimum in order to tamp it. I tried 12.0g - it wasn't enough for the standard Breville tamper which comes with the machine to compress the puck.
      The weight (12.2g) sounds awkward but I tested multiple times with different beans - every time I went below 12.2g I was getting channelling and espresso was spraying all over the place (I am using naked portafilter).
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        FWIW, I’m trying to dial in same Dynamic Duo with a bag of Lazzio Brazilian at the moment. With an 18g dose I am getting a decent ristretto of about 26-27g using setting 13 on the SGP. Settings of 10 or below choke my machine. So many variables!

        PS can recommend the Aldi beans for lattes - not too far off my preferred local roastery’s white blend.