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Breville Barista pro bargain?

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  • Breville Barista pro bargain?

    Hi all,

    First post here.. Looking for some feedback please. My sister works in the retail industry and is able to get me a Breville Barista Pro BES878BSS delivered for $640.50..ive currently got the cheapest Sunbeam machine Em3820 and the cheapest Sunbeam grinder Em0440.. Is this a worthwhile move? I reckon it is.. Good step up to the next level, which is in my budget right now.. Thanks!

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    The question to consider is where you want to end up and how many upgrades you want to make to get there.


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      Yeah I know, ha! Would definitely like to end up further down the track but am only just starting to get into it more.. I've not got a big budget currently but think this upgrade would be nice and hopefully get me by for a while. Also, I haven't got heaps of space right now, plus have a surgery and a wedding to pay for in the coming months. Happy to stay in the appliance realm for a while longer. Is this a decent deal? My sister just said she'd chip in as a gift and I just pay $500


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        Everyone I know with one of those love it and said their coffee improved a lot.
        Yeah, you might upgrade to something big and chrome about the price of secondhand car one day but when you do you can pass this onto someone else to start their journey on.


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          Thanks Andy, sounds like a plan Going to place the order today,


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            Bear in mind when you're using it, the group head on this machine has no thermal stability at all. The new heaters only heat when in use, the portafilter and group will stay stone cold.

            You need to run the portafilter under hot water for 15-20 seconds to get it nice and hot before you make coffee.

            Intra-shot temperature stability is also a problem. I have a Barista Touch in the shop now (same brewing system), I measured temperature whilst preparing an espresso, initial water delivered to the puck was 89C which then dropped to 84-85C in the middle of the shot. As the shot neared the end and the flow rate started to increase, the temperature rapidly climbed to 95C before the shot ended.

            The espresso is still ok, get the grind sorted and use quality beans and it'll still make good coffee. I'm just not a fan of the new heater system.


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              Thanks noidle22 for the tip about temperature. Really appreciate it. I'll keep it in mind and give some feedback on how it all goes.


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                Sorry to butt in, but I can't help wondering whether the older Brevilles (eg BES840 and BES870) had a better heater design? I only ask because I too am considering the BES878, albeit at a higher price....