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Woke to a Cold Silvia :(

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  • Woke to a Cold Silvia :(

    Well, i woke this morning to a cold Silvia, 13 years of 2-5 shots a day and it is now not heating the water.. On further investigation it looks to have a leak in the side of the boiler (At the join, so cooked gasket!??) to which seemed to have been dumping the water out over night before the timer kicked in to warm before use in the morning.

    It seems i am having trouble finding a new element for it (V2 boiler). Does anyone have any suggestions on where to go for parts in Melb Vic?


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    Are you sure your element is dead? Check the fuse as the top of the boiler hasn't tripped when it ran dry.

    Obviously you'll neet to replace your gasket at a minimum. I have a 13 year old V2 as well, as recently had the boiler start leaking. On inspection, four of the six bolts were rusted and the gasket was basically powder.

    A gasket, some grease and a set of stainless bolts had me back up and running again with no issues for very little cost..

    I was surprised by how little scale I had inside the boiler, but I've had a recurring reminder in my calendar to descale every 6 months since 2007. Soaking some citirc acid solution got it back to near new before reassembly.

    However, the plastic covers for the bolier wires connections were brittle and broke, but some heat shrink tubing reinsulated and made everything look tidier.

    If your element is dead, then the new screw in element and boiler combos for later models available at site sponsors should be compatible.


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      I see in Ebay they have "Rancilio Silvia BOILER assembly with removable ELEMENT -Genuine -coffee machine" from the seller called eBay link removed as per Site Posting Policy its a starting point mind you the boiler is $200 odd. good luck.
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