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Baskets for BES870

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  • Baskets for BES870

    Hi all,
    apparently there is no thread for this machine, Breville Barista Express.
    I have always used the single basket and find myself happy with 12 grams in.
    I have recently switched to the double for some tests and coffee is so much better. I understand this has to do with better water flow etc.
    Thing is that the basket needs 20gr and it's a bit much for me i think. Is there any company that makes 54mm baskets at all, maybe around the 15gr size?
    Also, if you got some more info i'd be happy to know more about the topic.

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    Hhhhmmm....No threads about the 870? The site's search engine begs to differ. Javaphile points to the upper-right corner of the page^ Not counting yours it found 49 threads with bes870 in their title, including this one which looks to be the main BES870 thread with over 100 posts in it.

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