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Breville Dual Boiler BES920 pooling water under drip tray

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  • Breville Dual Boiler BES920 pooling water under drip tray

    Hi all,

    I have a Breville Dual Boiler for around 3 years now. (out of warranty)

    I use the "auto on" feature of the machine to have it turn on at 7am everyday.

    Recently I wake up to find water pooling under the drip tray occasionally (Left Side) and under the machine (Left side).

    The pooling water also made the undercarriage wheel of the machine rot (No big deal).

    This isn't my photo but it is exactly what I am seeing on my machine:

    I tried to repeat the leak so I can see where it is leaking from with no avail.
    Tried to:

    Turn on machine and leave it
    Run steam wand
    Run water through group head - No pressure and with pressure
    Run hot water through the hot water sprout

    Has anyone had this issue before?

    The machine still works fine but sooner or later if I can't fix this I will need to tear apart the machine to figure out what is wrong.


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    So it only happened once and you couldn't do it again? I'm guessing the drip tray want in all the way at some point. The left side at the back is where all discharge to the drip tray goes. Or the water tank wasn't in all the way when someone filled it up from the top. Or the O ring in the water tank valve is leaking?


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      Hi there,
      I had a similar problem and my o-ring had failed on the steamer and subsequently leaked on to the PCB and buggered the machine. I suggest you get it checked out. Hopefully it's not that.



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        on the 900 version , when pressurising the blind filter using button 2 hold down and release, the Over pressure water sometimes doesn't make it all the way neatly into the drip tray. ( It emerges as you face the machine under the rear left of the drip tray.?