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Request for Advice - Auto Machine for Home Business

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  • Request for Advice - Auto Machine for Home Business

    Hi All ..

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a suitable machine for a home business?

    In this case it's for my neighbour who is currently fitting out a home hairdressing salon.

    She wont have any employees, so she needs a machine that she can use to quickly serve clients that is:
    • simple and quick to use
    • easy to clean and maintain
    • reliable
    • capable of making 'reasonable' coffee based drinks

    Although she knows how to use a manual machine, I think one of these auto 'all in one' units might be most suitable for the ease of use benefits, but are there any that stand out above the rest?

    My experience with this type of machine is that the grinder was a bit useless and the coffee was fairly hopeless as a result, however I'd love to hear about any good experiences that anyone has had.

    Can anyone recommend this type of machine?? Perhaps even a pod machine like the Nespresso Professional range?


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    Budget? How many drinks a day?


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      I'd say around $1000, and probably around 10 per day


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        I reckon something like a Breville BES880 might be the best of both worlds you can get close to that budget. If you can get a decent one second hand or on a good sale it should be close to $1k, probably wont be far under though. If it has to be auto noidle22 is the man to ask.


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          Thanks for your help