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remove 'service' message on Breville BES900XL?

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  • remove 'service' message on Breville BES900XL?

    Hi, because I found the service charges for descaling and adjusting my OPV ridiculous I went ahead and with the help of YouTube did it myself. The machine runs as new.
    The only thing left to do is to get rid of the "Service" message that shows whenever I turn on the machine (which prompted me to look into getting it serviced in the first place). I would like to reset it, but cannot figure it out. I went into the maintenance mode and have read the instructions for trying to reset the 920XL, but is apparently different for the 900XL.
    There is a reset or r3st option in the maintenance mode, but I have no idea how to activate it.

    Here's hoping anyone figured it out so I can remove the message (and hope it returns when it is time to do more maintenance).


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    Hi there - I just noticed your post. I have posted recently about servicing my BES900 as I am not afriad of taking to cover off and poking around ect (did the same with my previous Sunbeam machine) and like you didn't want to drop my machine to a service centre just for a clean and descale. Which Youtube vid did you use and could I ask for any hints/tips you might have? ie what did you use to descale? Did you make shims to go above the seal?

    I hope you find the answer to your question!


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      hi latte1978 - I used this video - He has more videos that are super useful for this machine. I never found out how to remove the 'service' message though.


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        Hi there.
        I found how to remove that ‘service’ message.
        Hold ‘Manual’ button and ‘down arrow’ button together in the maintenance mode, then it has make one beep sound. Finally you don’t see that ‘Service message’
        Hope this help you.