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  • BES920 Issues

    I'm having some issues with my Breville dual boiler. Firstly, apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere. I'm not quite sure what's happening or how to describe the problem, so it is difficult to search for a solution. I'll do my best to describe.

    My machine is probably close to 2 years old. I use it 2-3 times per day and keep it clean. I was promoted to descale for the first time recently. I ran the descale cycle as per the instructions with a vinegar base solution. Ever since finishing the descale, it has been displaying some unusual and concerning behaviours:
    1 - The purge is significantly delayed. Holding the '1cup' button used to producewproduce in the first second of function. It now takes a few seconds for water to come through
    2 - The steam wand pressure is variable. The pressure is often low, especially when used at the same time as pulling a shot. This has not been the case previously
    3 - The external body and top surface of the machine is BURNING hot, which is new. It did concern me that the heating tray on the top never got very hot. Now it is dangerous to touch!!
    4 - Following extraction, there is a significant discharge of steam from the back vent. Again, I don't recall this happening previously.

    Aside from the descale, the only thing that I changed was to remove the filter (which was solid) from the tank. I didn't think this would matter as I fill the tank with filtered water.

    These symptoms are minor. I'm still enjoying good coffee. I just worry that they may be early signs of concern and also that I can not explain the multiple minor changes. I don't want to leave them without addressing if they are significant issues. I would appreciate any advice.

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    1. & 2. Sounds like scale got loose and is causing issues.
    3. & 4. Sounds like you have an internal leak (likely just an O ring) which has allowed steam to short out a triac. You may get away with replacing all O rings and giving the machine a few days to dry out completely with the top open, may require replacement of triac boards or more. I would not leave the machine plugged into the power point when you are not standing there looking directly at it.

    As for removing the filter, what kind of filtered water are you using? Most filters on drinking water only filter for taste and do almost nothing for what a coffee machine needs.