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EM6910 group seal leak

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  • EM6910 group seal leak

    Hi. I've been doing a bit of reading and Youtubing and not sure if I'm on the right path so, hopefully, can be set straight.

    For a while, my group handle has been getting closer and closer to the 4pm position before locking. Now, it has also started spewing water out around the group head/handle, so I can't ignore it any longer.

    So, my questions:

    1) I need to replace the seal? (I needed to replace it before??)

    2) Is it as easy and straight-forward as some Youtube clips make it seem? (But I didn't find one specifically for the EM6910)

    3) Where is the "best" place to get a new seal? Sunbeam? EBay? no difference and let price guide me?

    4) I'm confused about shims/gaskets. Is there a need if I'm replacing the old seal? If yes,any advice about best material? (I did find the template in the Guide section here)

    5) Could my problems be more complicated than just replacing the seal?


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    How old is your machine? Almost definitely needs a seal. I get them off eBay, make sure to get a genuine one (tend to be a darker blue with a shiny finish, generally over $20 with postage), the "compatible" ones are a paler blue with a matte finish and closer to $10, but last less then a third as long.

    You probably also need a collar replacement. This happens due to overfilling the basket. You might be able to get away with using a shim or two. Print out the template and use it to cut one out of a cereal box, it's the perfect material. The shim(s) get installed above the seal, between the seal and the machine. If the collar is really worn though the shims might not fix it. They won't negate the need to replace the collar though if it is worn, only delay the inevitable. There is a collar replacement guide on this forum as well.


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      The machine is 3 years old or so and I hadn't repalced the seal in that time 😬 So I will give that a go.

      I had also found the guide about replacing the collar. I might take out the bit that says "the AUTHOR of this document is not responsible ..." if it gets that far 😉



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        I would suggest you first pull the seal out and examine it for any splits or tears by gently pulling and stretching it all around. Use the rounded end of a teaspoon handle to carefully pry it from the groove after removing the shower screens. If it seems OK try cutting one or more cardboard shims but thoroughly clean out the groove in the group head first (stainless steel scourer) so it is bright and clean. Fit enough shims above the seal for the group handle to lock in at 90 deg without forcing it (don't hold down the machine while tightening the group handle). Test for leaks with the backflush disk in a double filter basket. If this does not do the trick carefully check the collar for any distortion and lipping by testing the fit of an empty group handle. It should drop into place easily with no signs of binding.
        I would not recommend trying to replace the collar if you don't feel confident - it is all too easy to break something and be worse off. If the collar is distorted and binding you may be able to get more life out of it by carefully grinding away any high spots by hand sanding (awkward and tedious) or by using a miniature grinding disk in a rotary tool. This is easier if you work with the machine upside-down but remove all loose bits (trays) first including the water tank.
        Hope this helps.


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          Second the cardboard shims, works a treat!


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            Originally posted by ArfaGato View Post
            The machine is 3 years old or so and I hadn't repalced the seal in that time 😬 So I will give that a go.

            I checked my profile. Try 4 1/2 years old 😳

            I hadn't done a descaling for a few months so I decided to do that so that, if I had to take it to someone, I could hand-on-heart say "Yes, I descaled it".

            But in doing so, after taking the shower screen off, I noticed a white hard residue on the inside, )presumably on the collar?). What's the best way to deal with this? Rubbing it with a cloth didn't do much. Could I safely pick it off?

            I haven't got as far as taking the old seal out yet and I haven't got a new seal (found some on ebay but waiting for someone local who does repairs to reply)


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              Gonna need photos

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            Click image for larger version

Name:	collar 1.jpg
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ID:	838243 Does this help?


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              Or this?

              Click image for larger version

Name:	collar 2.jpg
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                Yeah, um wow. That's some serious scale! You can probably chip it off ok. But if that's how bad it is on the outside there's no guarantees it's salvageable on the inside.


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                  Originally posted by level3ninja View Post
                  Yeah, um wow. That's some serious scale! You can probably chip it off ok. But if that's how bad it is on the outside there's no guarantees it's salvageable on the inside.
                  I will give it a go and see how it goes, thanks (and fingers crossed!)


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                    The scale is not on any of the mating surfaces between the group handle and collar so probably won't cause any problems unless it is binding against the 'ears' on the group handle. It could be scraped off with the flat blade of a screw driver or similar as long as you don't gouge the seal.
                    You photos do show quite a bit of burring where the handle locks in showing that you may have been over-tightening the handle. Normally you should be able to get an adequate seal by fitting the handle 'one-handed' and not having to hold the machine down with the other hand. The position of this burring would also indicate that the handle is locking in too far around - it should normally only go as far as the centre of the "Secure Firmly" instruction on the group head. A new seal and shims if needed should fix it. Try the new seal on it's own first and only add shims to get the handle to lock in the right position.


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                      An update: whilst I was waiting for the new seal and shims, I descaled the area of the photos above by soaking some kitchen towel in descale liquid and packing it in around the scaly area, leaving it for a while then cleaned it off. I also did a couple of descales of the insides whilst waiting, also.

                      I wimped it out and bought some shims - my kindy teacher would be most upset at me not being able to cut a smooth circle in cardboard (I also had trouble staying in the lines when colouring in and my handwriting is atrocious - I could never see the point of being neat and tidy, just get it done was my motto!).

                      When I got the new seal and shims, I initially used one shim but the handle went past 6 o'clock (but not as far as it used to). With some trepidation, I removed the new seal (successfully) and added a 2nd shim and, voila, the handle locks in at 6. Bearing in mind the comment above, I am careful not to push too hard (especially as I got used to the handle going round to 4 o'clock).

                      All works good now. And making coffees again.

                      EXCEPT: a few times, the puck has stayed "stuck" to the shower screen when I've taken the group head out. Not every time - maybe 1 out of 3. The filter basket stays with the handle. Just the coffee puck stays stuck. It comes of easy enough, dropping into a bowl I put under it to catch it (the first time, it dropped onto the tray when I dislodged it. Messy.) And the puck seems to hold its shape well until it hits the bowl/tray.

                      What could I be doing wrong? Too much coffee? Not enough? Tamping too hard? Not hard enough? Something else??