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Magister ES30 User Manual and Tips

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  • Magister ES30 User Manual and Tips

    Hey guys,

    Does anyone know where I can find a user manual for the Magister ES30?

    Emailed Magister but no response

    Not much on Youtube besides marketing video

    Machine has three buttons (single/double) and a water to steam switch

    Single is programmed to run for 10 secs
    Double is programmed to run for 15 secs

    Need to run water for longer but not sure if I can change the presets.

    Should I just run the single twice?

    Technical description

    Single-group coffee machine with body in stainless steel and one steam wand.
    • Professional brewing group
    • 400 cc-boiler in thick molded material
    • Electronically adjustable brewing temperature
    • Electronically controlled functions:
      • Water tank level (with buzzer alarm)
      • Brewing time out
      • Coffee dosage (2 settings) with flowmetre
    • Hot water dispensing
    • Automatic boiler fill-up and recovery after steam delivery

    Optional accessories:
    • Pre-infusion valve on the brewing group
    • Easy-to-fit pods and capsules kit for the brewing groups
    • Manual cappuccinatore or milk frother
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    I've never used this machine but a couple of common programming methods are (1) hold down shot button until you want it to end, (2) turn the machine off and hold down one of the buttons down while you turn it on, (3) hold down each of the buttons and see if anything happens


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      Method 1 and 2 didn't do anything. Method 3 turned water on for quite a long time but when I tried to repeat the process it didn't work. Strange machine


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        Found a shop in NZ who are going to scan the user manual for me should confirm how to program the buttons. Will post here as soon as I have the instructions


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          Held the Single Shot button down for 5 secs today, released then push quickly to stop flow then pushed button and water pressure kept going until I hit the button again. Must be programmable after all