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BES900 Coffee and hot water not running.

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  • BES900 Coffee and hot water not running.

    Hey there.

    Wondering if anyone has any ideas on this issue.

    BES900, has been running fine for 6 years, recently started playing up.

    So everything turns on fine, but when you got the coffee shot button, it just makes a humming sound but the pump never kicks in! Like it's stuck in the pre infusion stage. Same when you turn on hot water. Steam is working perfectly.
    Other than that, you can hear bubbling or gurgling after the preinfusion stage, and water drops through, but the pump noise never kicks in like it used to.

    This happened to me earlier in the year and I took it apart and fiddled with wires and took off the solenoid valve (was replaced at start of year due to buzzing), put it all back together and it worked again. Have had no such luck this time.

    Any ideas?


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    Have you ever replaced the pump? They tend to go after 4-5 years


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      I haven't, no. I might have to give that a go, they seem to be relatively inexpensive on eBay so worth a shot.