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Sunbeam EM7000 losing pressure

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  • Sunbeam EM7000 losing pressure

    Hi all,

    I have a Sunbeam EM7000 and recently the coffee pressure has been dropped, it hardly reach the first grey area on the meter. I tried the double gasket with the cleaning rubber piece and it comes all the way pass the orange area, no water leaking from the seal too. So looks like pressure still there, just somehow not working with real coffee.

    I have a good grinder and hasn't changed the setting on it. It's been giving smooth, golden crema coffee before this.

    Anything else that I can try ? I am thinking of changing the group head seal but it doesn't sound like its fault, since there's no water leakage from it.


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    Grind the coffee finer.

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      I am using Breville Smart Grinder Pro at number 8. Anyone with the same machine and use finer setting ?


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        I was using a SGP at 7. Worked well. Reason for asking?


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          Originally posted by forrest1001 View Post
          I am using Breville Smart Grinder Pro at number 8. Anyone with the same machine and use finer setting ?
          No point comparing your grinder number with anyone else's, they all perform differently depending on upper burr adjustment/shimming, type of bean and age, the weather, the espresso machine they're paired with and many more variables.

          Keep your dose the same and grind finer. Keep going finer until:

          a) You achieve a good extraction or
          b) You choke the machine so that no espresso comes out, then grind slightly coarser until you achieve the good extraction.


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            Thanks, I was asking to check if I am going too fine or too coarse.

            I’ll try noodle22 method again, that’s what I did when I first got the machine. Suddenly the current settings just not right anymore.


            • noidle22
              noidle22 commented
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              One other thing to check, remove the drip tray when the machine is under pressure making coffee and observe the left hand corner under the front of the machine. Is there any water leaking from there? If so, the solenoid in the machine is leaking and you are not getting full pressure to the portafilter.
              Running a chemical backflush cycle can sometimes fix this.